Greetings From Sunrise
Sunrise Kids International School Shonan

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Sunrise Kids All English International Pre-school - Shonan, Yokohama

Sunrise Kids All English International Pre-school - Shonan, Yokohama

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Greetings From Sunrise

Greetings From Sunrise

This is Takeshi Saiki, Director of Sunrise Kids International School.

"What are the needs of our children in the 21st century?" This is the crucial question for us.

With the spread of the internet, social networks, and mobile technology, everything has become international. English has become the default international language and is more important than ever. Speaking English is almost a requirement in modern life, and will only continue to become more so.

The teaching of English should begin at a young age, be gradual, and build on strong foundations.

In the same way we learn Japanese, we can effortlessly learn English at this young age as well. Like riding a bicycle, once a child has it, it will remain in their mind. If a child is exposed to native level English from a young age, their sponge-like mind will become saturated with knowledge, as well as a general comfort with the language.

We are not encouraging so much the simple study of a language, but rather the experience of a lifestyle where English can be fluently spoken. From a young age this is vital. In this way, a child will develop using both Japanese and English, naturally, comfortably, and fluently.

When children first come, they may feel shy or embarrassed, but being surrounded by friends and having the care of our expert teachers and staff, they will quickly be learning and speaking English. No one can doubt that the best time to learn a language is as a child, and preferably as young as possible. You can give your child the opportunity that you never had, and put them in the best position possible for the future.

Their English ability will also put them more in touch with foreign cultures, from which they can learn about different aspects of life that will help them develop into a wonderful, knowledgeable person, able to tackle and face whatever challenges the world may throw at them.

Our school and philosophy is about more than just teaching English. It's about giving children a rounded view of the world, preparing them for an ever more international future.

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Childcare Registration Number: Kanagawa-ken 094494

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