Reading Materials and Book Donations
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Sunrise Kids All English International Pre-school - Shonan, Yokohama

Sunrise Kids All English International Pre-school - Shonan, Yokohama

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Reading Materials and Book Donations

Reading Materials and Book Donations

Reading Books is a Valuable Opportunity

Picture books are a great learning resource for kids. Reading is necessary for kids to grow and they won't only get to improve their reading ability, but books will also stimulate their imagination, memorization, and focus.

With young kids especially, it's a great way to measure their communication and get closer to them. At Sunrise, we use lots of picture books in our programs.

Story Time is Reading and Listening Time

Before nap time, we make it a point to read picture books to the kids. It's said that even more so than TV or movies that an actual performance brings a more active response. We use a wide variety of books, some of which the kids request or the teachers recommend. We also use books appropriate to the current season.

Reading time is done every day and it's something the kids come to really love.

Reading is Great for Kids' Imagination

We don't just read books to the kids, but also encourage them to look through the books themselves. This is particularly great for satisfying kids with an interest in something as they will learn, remember, and apply what they have read and seen in no time.

Re-reading Books is Important

Kids remember what they have read through repetition and reading the same book is never a waste. Impressions can also change the second time which can feel fresh.

Even though they might not understand the material at first, it's a fun experience and repeated readings will help them remember the material better the next time.

Accepting Book Donations

While we purchase new books time to time, if you happen to have any old picture books at home that you aren't using anymore, Sunrise would be more than happy to take them.

While books in English are preferred, we will certainly take ones in Japanese as well.

  • The final decision of whether a book will be accepted is up to the school.
  • If inquiring via e-mail about a book donation, please provide the title(s) as well as how many books you'd like to donate.
050- 5807- 2301050- 5807- 2301
Hours 10:00 - 17:00

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