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Sunrise Kids All English International Pre-school - Shonan, Yokohama

Sunrise Kids All English International Pre-school - Shonan, Yokohama

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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities
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  • Non-smoking Policy

Sunrise Kids International School is looking for enthusiastic teachers to join our team!

If you are a native English-speaker looking for teaching opportunities, please review the information below.

Job Information

English Teacher

Job Description Children's education, pre-school English teacher
Holidays Holidays are 2 days a week (Sunday and one other weekday), and national holidays
Work time Shift #1: 8:00-17:00
Shift #2: 10:00-19:00
Salary 300,000 yen / month
Requirements ・English: Native level
・Must currently reside in Japan
・Applicants must have been raised by native English Speaking parents and/or have been raised in a country where the primary cultural language is English
・We only hire non-smokers
・Visa sponsorship available

At Sunrise, we follow a strict no smoking policy and will not hire anyone who will not adhere to this rule.

Reasons for the policy

For customer satisfaction

For customers who don't smoke, the smell of it creates an unpleasant image. In order to create a positive image and avoid any unnecessary problems, we will only hire non-smokers.

For the health and well-being of workers and family

Even secondhand smoke has adverse effects on everyone around it. In an unhealthy workplace, productivity goes down and causes problems for everyone including family. We aim to have all of our employees and their families lead a safe and healthy lifestyle.

To improve efficiency and company satisfaction

The presence of nicotine and other substances in the blood can adversely affect one's ability to focus and ability to work at full capacity. This in turn causes problems not only for the individual but to others. In order to maintain efficiency, we will only hire non-smokers.

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