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Sunrise Kids All English International Pre-school - Shonan, Yokohama

Sunrise Kids All English International Pre-school - Shonan, Yokohama

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This page contains some of the questions we commonly receive.
※If your question is not featured here, please contact us on this page.

Can kids enroll if parents can't speak English?

A general understanding of English childcare is helpful, but parents needn't worry about speaking English at home. For Japanese parents concerned, please feel free to ask any of our Japanese staff questions.

This is my kid's first experience with a full-time preschool, so we're concerned with how things will go...

When young, kids can adapt easily. They might certainly be a bit nervous at first, but they get used to school life quickly.

My child already speaks English; is there any point in enrolling them at Sunrise?

Our school is done in all English to ensure kids can get the highest English level possible. However, all kids are different and progress at different paces. Younger kids are able to take in more and the longer they are exposed to English, the better their chances are of improving.

What are the goals for students?

We aim to achieve the following:
  • ・To give kids a familiarity with English during their childhood.
  • ・To give kids an awareness of cultures that aren't just Japan's.
  • ・To teach kids cooperation as well as how to be independent.
  • ・To teach kids regular lifestyle habits.
  • ・To get kids used to group lifestyle and improve their communication.

We have to work, so how late can kids stay at the school?

We offer extended day care for an added fee. If interested, please inquire.

Our regular finish time is 18:00, but we can go to 20:00 at the latest.

Are there any events parents must attend?

In spring and fall, there are parent-teacher conferences, but other than those there aren't any mandatory events. However, we do have sports days as well as parades and Halloween events. For those, we ask parents to volunteer if possible.

Is there any winter vacation time?

Yes. It lasts 1 week.

Is food provided?

Yes. School lunches are provided and will be made by our nutritionist to ensure kids eat a balanced diet.

Are there snacks?

After nap time full time students as well as for students in extended daycare after 18:00 are provided with snacks. They consist of senbei (rice crackers), gelatin, etc. For kids with allergies, we ask you to have them bring their own snacks.

My child was born between January to April (before the school term). Is that a problem?

There are no problems. Everybody takes time to get used to the new environment, but they make friends and get used to the teachers quickly.

Are there school uniforms?

We don't have any uniforms, but we do have t-shirts and hats.
These are worn on field days, but can be worn on regular days too. However, we don't have a specific dress code so please have your kids wear whatever feels comfortable.

Do kids receive toilet training?

Yes they do.

Do kids take afternoon naps?

We have break times where the kids take naps. Full time students spend an especially long time at school, so such naps come recommended. For kids who aren't in a sleeping mood, they aren't forced, but rather are asked to lie down quietly. For the senior class, nap time is much shorter as they are getting ready to transition into attending elementary school.

Is there homework?

We don't assign homework, but kids can take the textbook or workbook home for additional practice.

Are there any refunds/discounts for holidays or absent days?

There are no refunds or discounts for any such days.

Is there a parking lot?

We don't have our own parking lot, but there is a paid parking lot nearby. When it's time to go home, waiting out front in the car is fine as long as it's short.

If I have something sudden come up can I extend child care service?

If notified beforehand, we can provide such service.

Are there any ways to have extended vacation so kids can stay at home?

Yes, but for such vacation times, half of the monthly fee will be incurred.
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